Dream Baby Sleep Packages

All packages come with a 20+ page customized plan for your child, including a week worth of support, encouragement, and accountability.

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Email Dream Package

This package is our starter package, which includes your very own sleep assessment.  Which I tailor specifically to your parenting style, as well as your little one's particular sleep issue.  I will also help support you through the week, by going through your little one's sleep/activity logs and offering guidance through email support.



Phone Dream Package

This step up package includes everything in the Email Dream Package, including the 25-page customized sleep plan and also a 60-minute phone consultation, in which we will discuss your sleep situation in detail, and but not limited to your parenting styles, nutrition, and daily routines.   I will also help support you through the week, by going through your little one's sleep/activity logs and offering guidance through email/phone support.


Standard In-Home Dream Package

You get a Certified Sleep Consultant/Pediatric Nurse for 2 hours during the day (between 9am­-3pm) in your home, that will come along side you and support you in implementing the changes that are laid out in your personalized 25+ page sleep assessment.


Deluxe Home Package

This is our deluxe hands-on support package. You will receive our very own certified sleep consultant and experienced pediatric nurse into your home and she will show you how to implement the changes created in your 25+ personalized sleep plan.  They will be supporting you with any pre-midnight wakeups and be available to answer any questions that arise during those six hours.  The greatest start you can ask for.  This also includes everything in the Phone Dream Package, including your very own tailored sleep assessment and one week of email/phone support or a full week of messaging support.



Newborn Packages:

Newborn Starter Package

This package is an amazing week-long start for any new moms who are trying to figure out sleep myths vs sleep truths.  And who really just want someone to help support them and their new baby  get some much-needed sleep.  Scientifically, newborns shouldn't be sleep trained, but if we can help develop some great sleep habits, we can get you on your way to becoming your own baby whisperer.


This package does not come with a personalized plan, but with one week of support to help implement all of the tips and recommendations that our experienced certified sleep consultant and pediatric nurse has put together in her years of experience in a PDF format. Answering any questions you may have throughout your week of support as well as keeping track through a 7-day activity/sleep log.

Newborn Deluxe Package

This package was put together strictly because of the demand for it!  So many newborn moms are looking for extended help, right after getting their little ones home from the hospital, but also wanting a personalized plan as well.  Just because scientifically our little ones aren't ready right away for a strict plan, this is a two-part plan.


  • Part One - Just like in the Starter Package, you will receive one week straight away of email support from our certified sleep consultant and pediatric nurse and in addition you will also receive a PDF full of information and tips specifically aimed at newborn sleep.
  • Part Two - You will receive an additional week of email support that includes a personalized sleep plan designed for your growing newborn, which will follow them up to six months. This plan allows for a fantastic foundation for the first six months of your little ones life and helps get you through the first sleep regression (four-six months typically).



LIVE Virtual Workshop


This is not for an assessment, but for a ticket to one of our Virtual Workshops. Check out our Event Page for our next event.  This comes with a complete plan and all settling techniques.


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In-Person Workshop


This is not for an assessment, but for a ticket to an in-person workshop. Check out our Event Page for our next event. If you have 5 or more families and would like Dream Baby to do a workshop with you, message us for more information.


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Additional Dream Baby Services:

Fine Tune Dream Package

This package is for our past clients, whom have had success and  just need a little extra support, we offer another week of email support.

(Only Available Within Four Months of  Their Last Sleep Assessment)


One Time Phone Call

This package is for anyone that is just looking for clarification or a bit of guidance but overall feels like they are on the right track.  This ONLY includes one 30-45 minute conversation.

(This DOES NOT include a full package)


Book a Dream Baby Sleep Consultation

Here are a few addons, please call for prices and questions


Travel outside the NW Phoenix Area, may be subject to additional fees.


Add a twin for $59

Any Non-Multiples Sibling Receives 30% any Dream Baby Sleep Package

More Support

Add another week worth of support $75
Add 3 days worth of text support $97

Contact us for a customized plan if you would like help that doesn't fit the above packages.

Remember 10 % of all purchases go directly to helping children/mothers that have been victimized in the island nation of Samoa and the Non-Profit, Medical Ambassadors.  Click on the Thank You Link to Find out More about an amazing outreach that we fully support here at Dream Baby!

Dream Baby Sleep Consultant Services are available throughout the US & Internationally

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