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How to Transition Out of the DockaTot

How to Transition Out of the Dockatot, RockNPlay, or Swaddle.   How do I know its time? So around the four-month mark, is when we start to know that the moro-startle reflex diminishes and developmentally wise it is time for our little ones to be transitioned out of the swaddle/dockatot/rocknplay and start to learn how…

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Why Sleep Training Isn’t a Quick Fix?

So many times now and days we are looking for that quick fix or that easy answer. We go onto google, searching, “Why won’t my little one go to sleep?”, “How long should my 6-month-old sleep at night?”, “Why does my son only sleep for half an hour during the day?”, or “Why does my…

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A Different (Dad’s) Perspective on Sleep Coaching

So many times moms have contacted me, saying my husband/partner has no idea what I go through every day being a mom, dealing with sleep deprivation, sometimes I feel that he doesn’t even see me. I just wanted to share a couple of recent experiences from clients from a somewhat different perspective (from dad). Matt…

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The 5 Stages of Pacifiers and Sleep

According to the NIH, pacifiers have been used for thousands of years, in their many forms. (coral, clay, silver, pearl, etc.). It simply amazes me the ingenious of the amazing art of motherhood overtime realizing that strong sucking reflex. Newborn: For this age and stage, pacifiers are a good tool to use. As they can…

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Foods that Help Kids Sleep!

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One of the more overlooked parts of sleep is often what our kids are eating.  When sleep training our kids and when putting together a personalized plan one of the aspects that we look at is diet and how that diet could be affecting your little one’s sleep.  We need to ensure that our child’s…

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Cyber Monday Special

Our Cyber Monday Special starts early!! Check my profile for a link to the website!! Up to nearly $125 in savings!!! #dreambabysleepconsultant #sleeptraining #sleeptrain #sleeptrainingsupport #nosleep #babysleep #normalizebreastfeeding A photo posted by Hannah Peterson (@dreambabysleepconsultant) on Nov 27, 2016 at 5:56pm PST

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Top 5 Tips for Traveling with Little Ones

We are quickly coming into the Holiday Season. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, outside of Summer this is the biggest traveling time of the year. So I thought it would be the perfect time to talk about traveling with our little ones. You may have thought how am I going to survive with my little…

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Health Dangers of Catnapping

Does your little one only sleep for short bursts while napping?  Less than 30 minutes at a time?  You very well may indeed have a catnapper on your hands.   You may wonder what is the harm in your little one getting sleep at short increments like this?  Daytime sleep is extraordinarily important when it comes…

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Truth about Teething and Sleep

It is a fact that many infants can sleep right through their teeth erupting through their gums. It can surprise many families when waking in the morning to discover their little one has a new tooth to add to their collection. You may wonder how is this even possible? To start off around the two…

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